Three, Two, One …

And we’re back.

Welcome! It’s been nine long months since I posted anything on my blog, since I was off travelling across America (which, before you ask, was pretty life changing), and here we are. Finally, I am at the end of one road and at the beginning of another.

So where have I gotten to you ask? What have you actually been doing for most of the past year since your feeble attempt at starting a blog? Well, my first book is almost complete. A tiny percentage away from being ready to go, with some final tweaks and changes to make but, alas, it should will be done, and hopefully before the end of July 2015! Since the beginning of the year I have hammered down on finishing the first book, chomping out over a fifth of its words; streamlined, edited, polished it – everything to make it pristine and as ready (or as close to being) as possible. Through over ten drafts and off to the scrutiny of other readers to inspect and digest, it looks like it is very nearly ready to move on to the next big step.


In case you have forgotten, the Of Hearts and Minds series is about a young boy, Alexander Priar, who meets three strangers one snowy, November evening. Alexander was only eleven years old when the Evergreens, a family hunted and imprisoned for a crime they did not commit, visited him the night his parents vanished. When they returned to find him, almost eight years later, however, with their malicious oppressors pursuing them back through time, the search for both the evidence to free them and the most coveted item in all of history was only just about to begin…

Although I’m already diving headfirst into scoping and planning out the second book, a process that literally sets me on fire with excitement, there is a long way to go before the first book even makes it anywhere. A long way. The next part of the journey is only just the start, really, and that is finding an agent (terrifying though that is).

More is on the way…

I’ll be having more of a presence on my (new and improved, you might say?) blog, and social media, now I have emerged from the writing cave, albeit only to begin gathering my belongings, taking stock and making a long gasp for air before ducking back into it once again. And do you know what? I really can’t wait – but nowhere near as much as I can’t wait for you to read nearly six years’ of long, hard work for yourselves.

More will be coming soon so keep your eyes peeled and ears pricked, because it really is only just beginning.

All the best, Lewis


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