Fifth Anniversary!

Today is another small day in the week for most people, filled with the heightened expectations that every Friday encompasses, but today, for me, is a very big day as its my fifth anniversary since I started dreaming, drafting and writing my story!

Well I say it’s today, but in fact it is some time between midnight and 1 o’clock tomorrow morning when I woke up, jotted down some ideas of a person called Alex in a situation that in no way compares to the story he is involved in now, and let the imagination spiral out of control from there. Those five very long years …

In need of igniting some fresh inspiration, or enlightenment as it sometimes feels more like, for a location that plays a huge role in the second book of my series onwards, I am off to the stunning Hever Castle in Edenbridge, Kent. Hever Castle is a beautiful location and spreads back through history to the time of King Henry VIII and some of his notorious wives.

Hever Castle

Anything old, archaic and telling of another time I’m all for, and so I’m very much hoping I can spark up some more ideas today that pull all the loose ones together from over the years.

In other news …

The current outlook is only a mere two weeks away until the book is finally ready, after finishing up the last of my edits last night! Some minor edits may remain to be seen, but it has certainly reached the point whereby I could be changing this or tweaking that for the rest of my life, and it’s time to let this thing fly.

I’ve had an idea for a blog post about Hope and the dangers it can bring with it, so I’ll be posting something more substantial soon. Until then… Happy end of July everyone!

Have a great weekend,



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jason Tree says:

    When can I purchase my signed copy?

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. lewisjjones says:

      Might be a long wait, got to find an agent first, then a publisher, so although it’s almost ready there will be a way to go yet!


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