Up & Up

Well, well … It has been some time! Nearly eight months in fact since my blog was last updated. So, why the wait? What’s going on?

Bigger and better

In short, I was finishing everything that needed to be finished: dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’ so that, finally, I could present to you all my completed story. These months have resulted in massive changes to lots of things. Endless edits, changes to storylines, a change in title, even, and the plan for future stories coming to completion. Plus the blog’s had a bit of an update too, did you notice? These months away now mean that the first book can fly and the second book can be born. I’ve even uploaded a fresh new Synopsis too!

But what makes this story different? Why should you ever want to read it? Put simply, there are two reasons:

Firstly, the introduction to an exciting new world that is unlike any other. The world my readers will be introduced to is a time (yes, there is another time period introduced in this story) that I feel hasn’t been explored before in previous stories. This time is ruled by the one overarching idea of: What if everyone was connected to everything? People connected through thoughts, through ideas and very importantly, through memories passed down through generations. It is a world that you link with and control everything around you. One that channels your feelings and your soul. Because, what else truly connects us to this world other than our hearts and our minds? I’ve left this all intentionally vague, but more information will be coming soon as to exactly what I mean!

Secondly, characters that are deep enough to fill this world. This particular story begins to unravel a set of characters who have many layers to them – because who is truly who they say or think they are on the outside? Our time in these lives is exploring who we are as people, and that is something that evolves and changes as we move through our years. Our situations bring out the best and the worst in us; they make some of us lie, some of us scream the truth, they expose fears, desires, distastes and secrets. When these situations become extreme, who knows how we will act or what we will do? Just as importantly, what do each of us hope for and dream of? And how will these influence all of the aforementioned?

These are two of the promises that I make to you as a writer and a storyteller. Life is a mystery that we uncover as we move through it, and as are people so are characters in any story.

Up and Coming

So there you have it! This was just an update to let you know that things are still moving towards publication, and much more quickly now than ever before. I’ll post some further updates in the coming weeks and will be giving the blog a bit of a spring clean too. Watch out for more information about these exciting new characters very soon – beginning next week!

Oh yes, and the new title I mentioned? I can officially reveal that Book 1 in the series of Hearts & Minds will be called AN EMPIRE OF DREAMS. Intriguing, right?

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