An Empire of Dreams

An Empire of Dreams – Releasing this Fall!

“An Empire of Dreams” is the first book in a new adventure series titled “Of Hearts & Minds”.

A magical adventure that explores a family’s perilous journey to freedom after they are framed for the most heinous crime in one hundred years. Their journey will take them further than they could have ever imagined … back through time, to a young boy from centuries before on the night his parents mysteriously disappear …

The series has elements of science fiction and fantasy, alongside the central themes of mystery, hope, dreams and secrets.

Exclusive! You can read Chapters 1 and 2 of An Empire of Dreams on my blog right now. Click here to get reading!

I’ve been writing this series for nearly six years now – shaping, building and crafting a brand new world and a deep and meaningful story to take place within it. On this blog you will find out all the latest about the first book in the series, titled “An Empire of Dreams”, which is currently due for release in fall 2016.

I am currently in the process of having the book edited and proofread, alongside producing a book cover and preparing for it’s release this winter. Be sure to explore my latest blog posts to check out how things are coming along. You can also check out what the story is all about, read a little bit about who I am, discover my Instagram feed and discover the planned posts for the months ahead.

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Welcome aboard!


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