The Shape of Things to Come

This is it. Crunch time.

After five long years of hard work I’ve decided exactly when I’m going to release my book and I’m glad to announce that it will be this year!

The past month has been pretty crazy as I’ve been travelling across America. I travelled from LA to NY this time (going ‘down south’ unlike my previous trip from NY to LA in 2014 which went across the northern states), and have returned to a new job too, but enough is enough. Enough delays, enough talking about this story and thinking “one day …”; it’s finally time to do it!

The months ahead are going to be the busiest I have ever been, and my blog is going to be the hub of all that action. I need to bring you into my story, into the world that I’ve written, and tell you all what my story is about and why you would want to read it. So I’ve devised a calendar of what I will be blogging about as we head through summer and autumn – the perfect introduction to this exciting adventure! Take a peek below and see what’s coming up.

P.s. want to find out just what this book’s all about? Click here!

Pre-launch Calendar

June & July – Throughout June and July I will be introducing to you what this story is all about. Along with a fresh new synopsis we’ll be exploring the key themes of the story, the key influences that shaped its development, and also how this story was born. Ultimately I want to delve into what this story is trying to tell, and what makes it so unique. Meanwhile, I will also be officially editing my first book alongside developing my blog and social media for the coming months.

August – August will be formally known as Goodies Month. August is all about our protagonists as I reveal all about who our main characters are, what makes them special, and what they are fighting for!

September – September is Baddies Month. It’s only fair that we spend some time exploring the other main group of characters who feature in this story (as much as it unsettles me to talk about them…) – our antagonists. I’ll be posting all about who this malificent group of people are and their truly wicked ways …

OctoberWelcoming the World. As we get further through Autumn we will begin to focus on introducing the time in which some of my characters come from, and what makes it so uniquely different to anything ever written before.

November – This month will be the final posts leading up to the book’s big release! I’ll be holding competitions and giveaways exclusively on my blog, so make sure you’ve clicked on the ‘follow’ button at the bottom of this page so you don’t miss out! I’ll be sharing all about my efforts to make this book’s release the best it can be!

Launching Like A Rocket

I’ve decided to launch my book further down the line than originally intended. I suppose you could say it’s been four year further than I had expected but now is the time!

I chose to launch my book later this year so that I had time to achieve a number of things:

  • Get the book in the best possible shape it can be! This means officially editing and proofreading every single word
  • Share with you an exclusive insight into the series – it’s birth, development and key influences
  • Introduce you to the characters, ideas, setting and themes of this story
  • It also allows me to broaden my audience
  • And finally, it gives me time to start writing the next one!

How you can be the first to start reading this exciting new story…

My next blog post will be all about how you can get your hands on the first part of my story – completely for free! Check back on Saturday 22nd June to find out all the details!

Be sure to follow my blog at the bottom of the page and check out my new Instagram feed – both of which are at the bottom of this page!

Till next week, take care.



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