An exciting announcement…

An unexpected offer

Earlier this week I received a rather unexpected offer. Following one of my Instagram posts last week I have been contacted by someone offering me the role of contributor to a new and upcoming website My Trending Stories!

My Trending Stories is a website which seeks to inform readers about the latest news and events occurring globally, ranging from sport, culture and entertainment to religion, creative arts and tech/science. It covers just about everything! Their goal is to become one of the biggest blogging websites on the world wide web by providing a platform for writers to reach a broad audience. What this means, ultimately, is that this will allow me to share my posts with a brand new audience on a much bigger scale. It has got voices from all over the world and from people with all kinds of interests and perspectives. Check the site out here!

An opportunity to share my blog with a wider audience…
I was genuinely humbled when I received an email saying that they thought my writing abilities and ability to engage readers was remarkable and would like to welcome me onboard. So now that I’ve been welcomed to a new family on the internet I will be planning some new content to share directly on their site whilst revamping some of my old posts on here to repost. Who knows what it will lead to?

In other news…

Work continues to get An Empire of Dreams in its best condition to send off to an official editor. I have quite a bit of work to do (another 16 chapters to polish-edit, as I call it!) so I have decided to push back my next official post to give me enough time finish the edits and get a snazzy new Facebook account set up.

I’ve also been scoping out some potential places where I could get a professional cover designed for my book. 99 Designs sticks out to me as a very likely option. This is a service where you put forward the brief of your requirements and a number of designers create a design, pitching their best work to you to win the bid. There have been some truly impressive designs put forward for the proposals I have come across. They look incredibly high quality and could have easily passed as having been done by a publishing house, so it’s a likely option.

A Million SkiesSo, on Saturday 16th July I will return with a post all about “What makes this story unique and why should you want to read it?” I wanted to cover this because I think it’s very important to share with you exactly what I fed into this story to make it  different from all the other books sitting on shelves. What is its Unique Selling Point? This echoes what I mentioned earlier, too, in that there are so many books out there – hundreds and hundreds of thousands. Why should you stop to check this one out?

Remember – you can always read Chapters 1 & 2 today and discover that for yourself!


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