Tied Together in Time 

Alex and Abraham Priar

Last week I talked all about the Evergreen family who, in many respects, are the main characters of An Empire of Dreams. They are not the first characters we meet in this story, however. Oh no – the Priar family are where this tale begins, on the night a young boy’s parents mysteriously disappear …

An Empire of Dreams is told through the eyes of a young boy called Alexander Priar. It is through him that we experience the world and the world of the Evergreens that he is gradually exposed to throughout the story.

Alexander Priar – the Nephew

So who is Alex Priar and what makes him so special in this story? Well Alex has always been envisioned as your normal teenager – he is like you or I. He is a smart, kind person who wants to find the best in people and wants to help where he can. Above all, Alex will do anything for those he cares about, even if that means putting himself in personal danger.

Alex wants to explore the world

There is a constant desire to Alex to see more than his life currently allows him to see; he is always reaching out to see something new, to explore, to have an adventure – the reason for which will become clear as you get reading!

Alex is not alone in this story, however. Following the disappearance of his parents he spends his life in close proximity to his uncle Abraham, who is rather a different character.

Abraham Priar – the Uncle

If I had to summarise Abraham Priar it would be that he is a man of many woes. Looking twenty years older than he really is, Abraham is slow, haggard and a very controlling figure. He always tries to do the best that he can with the little he has, and that is always keeping his nephew Alex safe and cared for. Abraham likes to keep everything spotless and clean and doesn’t like not knowing what he doesn’t know.

Nephew and Uncle bound together by a common problem

The one thing that ties Alex and Abraham together is the great hole in their lives: their missing family. The shadow of their disappearance looms large over them both and haunts them in different ways. Alex will always be a force of hope, whereas Abraham has begun to accept that they may never return.


The bond that ties them together is so strong that it is almost set to break and the series of events that unfold will test their relationship more than anything else before.

The final piece of the jigsaw still to come

So that’s a little bit of an insight into two more of the characters from An Empire of Dreams. The character Alex came to me in a dream six years ago and has always been at the forefront of this story, leading the Evergreens to freedom as he gradually uncovers the secrets of his family and his parents’ disappearance.

Next week I’ll be discussing the final two characters who form part of the ensemble – Arvaeneous and Devetta. In case you hadn’t guessed it, with names like that they’re not from the same time as you or I! They both play a very unique role in shaping the outcome of the story and are two characters I love writing for.

Check back next weekend for all the latest!

Have a good weekend,



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