The Temporal Policeman & The Mystic

The final protagonists of An Empire of Dreams that I have yet to introduce are by far the most special and unique of them all. The Temporal Policeman and the Mystic, as I like to call them, both play a primary role in developing and progressing the story but in completely different ways. So just who are these two characters and what makes them so unique?

Whilst there is currently no picture  that can convey the temporal policeman in this story, I can’t help but feel that this picture summarises it well
The Temporal Policeman

Although I call this character the temporal policeman (a ‘Lost’ reference for those eagled-eyed readers amongst you), his name is simply Arvaeneous Maldrum. Ok, maybe that’s not so simple. It’s pronounced Ar-vay-nee-ous, and before you ask I couldn’t tell you where the name came from. What makes this character special is that he is a Lawman – the future’s equivalent of a policeman.

Journeying back through time, Arvaeneous is searching for the Evergreens. He carries with him a briefcase that might just contain the secrets to their freedom: the evidence that proves they did not do the crime they were framed for.

Arvaeneous is a strong hearted, confident man. He is on the younger side of thirty and wears thick, black boots and a long midnight blue tailcoat. I always see Arvaeneous as being at the forefront of the events that unfold throughout An Empire of Dreams. He’s a speeding train, determined to prove the Evergreen’s innocence and ‘set them free’ from the injustice put upon them. Arvaeneous has that rush of energy and an infectious sense of courage that might just be the force that can save the Evergreens.

Something else that Arvaeneous also returns with, alongside his briefcase full of secrets, is a special device that lets him pour his memories out into the world. Bringing them back to life again, he will show Alex and the Evergreens his journey to date, including the terrifying moment he came face to face with the man who framed the Evergreens …


Businessman hand holding a Crystal Ball
Mystics. Destiny. Future and Past
The Mystic
Now I have saved one of my all-time favourite characters to last. As much as I love the rest, the Mystic – a lady simply known as Devetta – is certainly the most mysterious.

To describe Devetta, she is a six and a half foot tall black lady with a big bun tied upon her head. She always wears extravagant flowing dresses made of fine, otherworldly materials. Devetta, in complete contrast to Arvaeneous, is a much more silent being. Her words are concise and neutral and her face is always unrevealing of any emotion or feeling that she may or may not have.

Devetta is a lady who is at one with the world and who exists, I like to think, on another plane altogether. Now I could write a whole encyclopaedia on Devetta, but I wanted to give you just a glimpse of who she is. If I had to summarise her in a phrase it would be all-knowing. As the story progresses you will see for yourself – there is something about Devetta that is definitely special.

But why is she involved in this story? What drove her to flee from the same disillusioned future as the Evergreens? As with all things about Devetta, there’s much more than meets the eye.

Interesting fact about Devetta – in this series you will never hear Devetta ask a question that she doesn’t already know the answer to. Whilst our characters and even the reader may not know the answer at the time, the only reason she will ever ask a question is to get them to discover the answer for themselves. In that case, I liken her to an Oracle of sorts.


Shadows rise, hunting our characters down through time …
The Others …

So that’s a final sneak peek into the protagonists of An Empire of Dreams.

If you hadn’t read my previous posts about The Evergreens and Alex and Abraham Priar then be sure to check them out!

One by one their paths will cross and this collection of characters will set off on a journey that will lead them chasing through time in search of the evidence to prove the Evergreen’s innocence. That’s not the only mystery that will be revealed, though …

All the while another group of more menacing and horrific characters has already formed and is hunting down our protagonists. They will do whatever is necessary find the Evergreens and return them to the malicious mastermind behind their framing, a man who wants them so very badly …

My next series of posts will be exploring these dark blooded characters and pull back the layers on what makes them such beautifully despicable individuals! Did I mention how fun it is to create such truly horrible characters and subject perfectly innocent, kind people to their cruel ways?

Till next time,



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