Book Cover & Release Date announced!

After what feels like a lifetime I am proud to announce that An Empire of Dreams, the first book in the new time-travel adventure series titled ‘Of Hearts & Minds’, will be released on Saturday 10th December 2016!

It will be released initially on Amazon, and even better will be available at a special launch price.

It’s been a busy few months – securing an editor, setting up a marketing campaign leading up to launch date, advanced readers, social media – just to name a few things!

However now I can also reveal the front cover of the book, ready to be amazed?

Here we go!

3D Book.jpg
An Empire of Dreams – Releasing this December!

For those unfamiliar with the story, here is the synopsis:

The Evergreen family have just been framed for the first murder in one hundred years.

The future is crumbling and everything is ending, and it’s all because of them.

Their only hope for freedom lies further than they could have ever imagined … in a young boy called Alex, from centuries before, on the night his parents mysteriously disappear.Β 

What can possibly tie together a criminal family from the distant future and a twelve year old boy from 1993?

As destinies collide and the dark forces that framed the Evergreens rise, hunting them down through time, can Alex help the family discover the secrets to their innocence before it’s too late?

More details coming next week on how you can be an Advanced Reader and get the book weeks before anyone else!

Till then have a good rest of the week.



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