Five Weeks until Release!

During the last few weeks I have been incredibly busy (even more than usual) but I am proud to share with you some very exciting news. I have recently been focusing my efforts on not only editing the book now I have received it back from my editor, but also creating a bit more of a buzz around the story and the adventure to come in An Empire of Dreams on social media.


There’s far more to it than you think! You have to plan your content for weeks to come, and work backwards to structure it and schedule it in around what you’re doing, and that’s without actually creating the engaging content! But thanks to a few special resources and software (I’m looking at you Hootsuite and Canva) everything is in place for weeks to come.

And here’s exactly where you can see it all –

Facebook page now live!

Firstly, I have created a brand new Facebook page which will be the focus as I lead up to the release of An Empire of Dreams (launching on Saturday 10th December 2016). I will be sharing lots of exclusive new looks at the book, new content as I begin work on the sequel and some exciting competitions and giveaways. Check it out below!


Instagram account created!

Going forward I will be sharing alot more content on Instagram, be that quotes from the book itself, unique insights into the creation of the story, plus letting you know when important dates and events are coming up – check it out below:


Other social media accounts connected

Don’t forget there’s always Google Plus too –

And Twitter! –

Website in development



I am also finalising a brand new website which I’ll be revealing to you all soon. It includes some content that I have moved over from this blog, but will also be housing some exciting new information going forward! I’ll be sharing it with you very soon.

Be sure to check out the links above and follow the story more closely up to the release of An Empire of Dreams this December – after six and a half years we are only 5 weeks from this dream being released to the world!

It’s exciting and terrifying all wrapped up in one!


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