The Story

A Tale of Hearts & Minds

The title of this series is called Of Hearts & Minds and it will tell a rather unique story.

The young adult series focuses upon the Evergreen family’s perilous journey to freedom after they are framed for the most heinous crime: the first murder in over a hundred years. Forced to flee the crumbling future in which they live, their path will take them further than they could have expected … back through time, to a young boy from centuries before on the night his parents mysteriously disappear.

How can the two tales be connected? What can possibly tie together the destinies of a futuristic family and a twelve year old boy from 1993? As the Evergreen family search for the evidence to prove their innocence, and dark forces close in around them, all elements of the past, present and future will be tied together as one.

An Adventure Through Time Like Never Before…

If I had to describe the series in a sentence it would be this:

An adventure through time  that explores the depths of our hearts, the expanse of our minds, the foundation of our hopes and the endless skies of our dreams.

Four of the main themes of this story

My audience is primarily young adults. As a relatively young adult myself (well, I was when I started writing this story!) I want to write for those like me who have similar interests in adventure, mystery, secrets and a good bit of time travel. This is a story, however, that is easily accessible by wider audiences.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 19.00.18

Carried away with my thoughts

Why did you write this story?

Very simply, an idea ran away with my imagination one night, and I still don’t feel like it’s come back to me yet! Ever since typing a quick note on my phone in the early hours, nothing more than a few sentences and the name ‘Alex’, the idea has grown and grown with each passing day.

What I enjoy the most is observing the world and drawing inspiration from what I see. Be it something I see on my way to work, a person I meet, something someone says; a word or a name… Every sense and experience is an opportunity to create something exciting and brand new.

Something I enjoy even more is looking at things from new perspectives. What if our dreams no longer needed us? What if there was a way to step into your soul? What if … What if … What if …

What I love the most, without doubt, is just letting the imagination run wild. Letting an idea sweep you off your feet … This is exactly what this story has done with me, and I have been waiting eagerly for it to be finally ready so that I can share with you!


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